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Antoine has been taking piano lessons at the Conservatoire de Fribourg since the age of nine. 

At the same time, he became interested in computer-aided design and composed his first instrumentals.

The desire to record artists on his own music leads him, in 2012, to found his own studio.
Passionate and self-taught, it is through meetings and collaborations that he builds up an experience by combining beatmaking, composition, recording and mixing.

In 2018, he set up his own label, "Hasard Records, with the artist Lorage.

The album "Sauvage", released in 2019, accumulates over 10 million listens on streaming platforms. 


Antoine is also active in the Swiss choral landscape.

Director of the Chœur des Guelins from 2017 to 2023, he sings in the Ensemble Noctuor, and in 2018, co-founded and took over the artistic direction of the ensemble Cake O'Phonie, composed of singers from French-speaking Switzerland. 


It is with his arrangements and this vocal ensemble that he participates and wins the show "Chorus" produced by the RTS. Following this victory, this group had the chance to represent Switzerland at the "Eurovision Choir of The Year" in Gothenburg in August 2019. 


Graduated from the High School of Music (HEMU Vaud, Valais, Fribourg), he teaches also music at the Cycle d'orientation du Belluard in Fribourg since 2022. 




Plan de travail 2.png

With the youth choir Zik'zag: 1st prize at the 51st Montreux Choral Festival in the mixed choir category of the national competition with the mention "excellent" and the congratulations of the jury + audience prize (2015) 


With Cake O'Phonie: Winner of  "Chorus" produced by RTS (Swiss Television).


Plan de travail 2 copie.png

With the youth choir Zik'zag: Verona Choral Competition, ranked in the international gold category, with the mention "excellent" (2016)


Represents Switzerland at the "Eurovision Choir Of The Year" in Sweden (August 2019) with Cake O'Phonie

Plan de travail 2 copie 3.png

With the MUSEC choir :

1st prize at the 49th Cantonal Festival of Vaud Singers (FCCV), + audience prize (2017)


With Cake O'Phonie : Third Prize in the International Virtual Choir Competition Festival at the 66th Cork International Choral Festival (2021)

Plan de travail 2 copie 2.png

With the Noctuor Ensemble: finalist of the Junior Academy produced by RTS (2017)

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